Keanu Reeves, a world renowned actor, producer and director better known as ‘Neo’ in The Matrix does not only play hero in the silver-screen, but his real-life actions have changed the lives of many. He is Hollywood’s hero who, because of his sister’s Leukemia in 1991, secretly started a charitable foundation to aid children’s hospitals and cancer research. This Hollywood celebrity is so modest about helping others, that he only talked about his charities once. Many people are not aware of the other altruistic acts this low-key superstar has done for others without asking anything in return.

Here is a compilation of testimonials from Redditors who’s lives have been touched by Reeves one way or another:

  1. Reeves would regularly treat stage hands and workers while filming on set with free breakfasts and lunch.
  2. Reeves donated $20,000 as a Christmas gift to a crew member in The Matrix, who he heard was having family problems, just to help him out.
  3. Reeves helped a stranded woman, whose car broke down outside L.A. and drove her home, 50 miles away from his destination.
  4. Reeves bought all the special effects crew of The Matrix Reloaded Harley’s for Christmas.
  5. When Reeves isn’t not helping stranded people fix their cars, or giving gifts to others, he is truly just a nice guy.
  6. Despite his celebrity status, Reeves is still a humble person who genuinely wants to make everyone around him happy.
  7. While the other reasons could be seen as rumors, Reeves was captured on video simply being a friend and engaging in conversation with a homeless man in 1997.
  8. Reeves accepted a lower salary in The Matrix to ensure that the whole crew kept their jobs and got paid fairly.
  9. Reeves always gives up his seat in the subway, just because he is a true gentleman.
  10. Reeves once waited 20 minutes under the rain without complaints so as just not to inconvenience others.

Glad to know he’s kept true to ‘Bill and Ted’s motto’ to be “excellent to each other.”