Seattle is a place known for having it all: good food, delicious coffee, friendly faces, and a vibrant metropolitan center bubbling over with local flavors. Yes, if you’re looking for an unforgettable time, this seaport city located in the tip-top corner of the Pacific Northwest is the way to go.

But do you want to know why you should pack your bags and head to the Emerald City now? No, not next week, or next month, or even next year — I’m talking right now. Well, simply put, Seattle is so much more than a place to get a tasty meal and a mind-stimulating cup of joe. This is a place echoing with adventure. With majestic mountains in the distance, calming waters within reach, and evergreen forests waiting to be explored, Seattle isn’t just a travel destination . . . it’s a rejuvenating experience. To further the allure, ahead are 11 more reasons to book your trip!