Who doesn’t love a good DIY? You get to work with your hands, express your creativity, admire your ability to produce something out of nothing (or at least to try to do so), and you get to save some money! If this sounds like your kinda thing, then you’re in luck! Thanks to Diply, we offer you these 15 brilliant crafting projects that will definitely inspire your artistic side! You can follow the links beneath the pictures for detailed step-by-step guides.

1. Fired alcohol ink art

Because who doesn’t love playing with fire? Seriously though, I’m tempted to tell you not to try this at home, but since trying it at home is the whole purpose of this list, I will instead ask you to be very, very careful with this one. It’s worth it, though, right? The results are absolutely mesmerizing!


Source: It’s Always Autumn

2. Toilet paper roll dandelions

Ah, our trusty old toilet paper roll! There hardly ever is a list of DIYs without at least one item featuring the legendary TP roll. Yup, it’s so multipurpose you can even use it to paint some super cool dandelions with it!


Source: YouTube | Maremi SmallArt

3. Army Men frame

Your child has outgrown their green Army Men? You don’t have to throw them away! Use them instead to make this neat picture frame! But everything looks better when it shines, so give them a nice little makeover and spray-paint them silver! And you know the best thing about this whole thing? All the materials you’re going to need can be found at the dollar store!

For more awesome and wallet-friendly DIYs, check this out!


Source: Please Note

4. Vertical gold hoop photo display

Decorate your home office or your nursery with this chic gold hoop photo display! Yup, those are paperclips and boy do they look fabulous!


Source: Laura Gummerman | A Beautiful Mess

5. Inexpensive beaded chandelier

You don’t want to shell out the big bucks at your typical home decor shop for a fancy beaded chandelier? No problem! Just make you own! Again, the dollar store is your (wallet’s) best friend here, and the only other thing you’re going to need is your creativity!


Source: Dollar Store Crafts

6. Vintage key frame

If you’re in love with old-looking stuff, then this is the perfect project for you. A couple of antique keys on a colorful wooden frame are bound to look good on any wall.


Source: Hometalk | Sea Trace Creations

7. Neon light bulb lamp

If what you’re looking for in a DIY is practicality, then you might as well move onto the next item on this list. If what you’re looking for is coolness, then this neon light bulb (which isn’t an actual lamp) is just the thing for you!


Source: I Spy DIY

8. Birch tree paintings

Add color, texture, and charm to your rooms with some over-sized art! Oh, it’s too expensive? Well then, time to brush up on your painting skills and just do it on your own! Painting birches has never been easier or more fun!


Source: Uncookie Cutter

9. Photo coasters

Nail polish remover apparently has magical properties! It can transfer a photo onto a tile! Yeah, yeah, it’s not really magic, it’s all science-y, but still, the results are super cool! You can now make your own personalized coasters – on your own!


Source: Du Buh Du Designs

10. Takeout container greenhouse

Waste naught, they say. Why throw away a perfectly fine plastic takeout container when you can turn it into a windowsill greenhouse?


Source: Homesteading Downsized

11. Rotary phone succulent planter

I can so hear the younger generation go “Ummm… Like what even is a rotary phone? Lol”. Still, I bet even they can appreciate how cute this planter looks!


Source: I Spy DIY

12. Simple succulent garden

But for those who just don’t get the old phone nostalgia, here’s another idea. Just use a pretty bowl instead! However, if this looks too simple to you, and if you’d rather plant your plants in weirder planters, check this out!


Source: The Blondie Locks

13. Easy spring art

How are your scissor-wielding skills? Up to scratch? Good, because you’re going to need them if you’re to make this adorable spring-y piece of art out of scrap fabric strips.


Source: Two Twenty One

14. Watercolor sharpie planter

If you want to spruce up your plain-looking white pot, you need look no further! Whip out your Sharpies, get your rubbing alcohol and start DIY-ing!


Source: Bre Purposed

15. Personalized candles

And if you were impressed by that nail-polish-remover-transfers-photos-onto-coasters trick, but you’d rather have your photo decorating a candle instead, worry not! There is a way to do exactly that, and all you’ll need is some clear packing tape and a credit card!


Source: It’s Always Autumn

Yup, all these DIY are super easy and, more importantly, super cheap. But the big question is: which one do you like best? Do you feel inspired to take up crafting? What are you going to make first? Tell us in the comments!