If you’re like me, then you’ve fallen deeply in love with HBO’s dark comedy-drama series, Big Little Lies. How could you not? The award-winning series has got it all — especially since Meryl Streep joined the cast — and now, Season 2 is officially on its way! Here’s what you need to know…

1. Meryl Streep has joined the cast for Season 2.

And, of course, everyone is excited.Streep’s character was actually written with her in mind. She’ll be playing Perry’s mother, Mary Louise Wright.

Her character’s name is actually a reference to her real name, which is also Mary Louise.

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2. The therapy sessions between Celeste and Perry were filmed without a rehearsal.

But according to Alexander Skarsgård, it actually helped their performance.He says it created genuine tension and awkwardness between the actors, who were subsequently forced to read each other’s emotions while performing the scene.

3. Strangely enough, Laura Dern had previously been cast as the on-screen mother of two of her costars: Shailene Woodley and Reese Witherspoon.

She played Woodley’s mother in The Fault In Our Stars and Witherspoon’s mother in Wild. In Big Little Lies, she plays another mother from the neighborhood named Renata.

4. Big Little Lies reunited Divergent cast members Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz.

Woodley starred in the franchise as Tris, while Kravitz played her close friend Christina in all three movies.Unfortunately, the pair won’t be returning to finish off the Divergent series, which will now be made as a TV show.

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5. Nicole Kidman was once engaged to Lenny Kravitz!

Lenny is the father of Nicole’s Big Little Lies costar Zoë Kravitz!”Well, I knew Zoe because I was engaged to her father,” said Kidman. “It’s all in the family!”

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6. Nicole Kidman turned down a role in Wonder Woman in order to work on the show’s first season.

Reese Witherspoon also turned down a role so she could star in Big Little Lies, but it was in 2017’s Downsizing.

7. It won eight Emmys!

And it was nominated for a whopping 14!Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgård, and Laura Dern all received Emmy awards for their performances on the show, and Jean-Marc Vallée also won for directing.

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8. Alexander Skarsgård said that he shared a room with a friend while filming Big Little Lies, so that he wouldn’t have to go home alone.

According to Skarsgård, having a friend around made it easier for him to shake of the horrible actions of his on-screen character.
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9. Big Little Lies wasn’t filmed like a typical TV show.

Instead, it was filmed like a long movie over the course of five months. The crew typically shot four pages a day, which is the norm for feature films.
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10. Makeup was used to transform Shailene Woodley into Jane, but not in the way you’d think.

“She has no money or time to get her makeup ready or pay attention to it. My job for the character was actually to make her look not good. I had to enhance her tiredness, sadness, and anger,” said makeup artist Claudia Humburg.

11. The women of the cast truly are #friendshipgoals.

They’ve all bonded so much since Big Little Lies started filming, and it’s been a joy to watch.“I’m at the stage in my life when I want to work with people that I really like,” said Nicole Kidman. “This is the perfect combination.”

12. It was important to Nicole Kidman that she participate in the majority of the violent scenes, rather than using a stunt double.

“I’m like, ‘This is authentic, this is the truth, and this is what I have to do,'” said Kidman.
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13. Nicole Kidman says she was completely emotionally devastated by the scene where she is beaten by Perry in the bathroom.

According to her, she was so angry that she threw a rock through a glass door when she got back to her hotel room because she couldn’t get inside.”I just felt completely humiliated and devastated. And angry inside. I went home and I threw a rock through a glass door,” she recalled.

14. Jean-Marc Vallée won’t be directing Season 2.

Andrea Arnold will direct all seven episodes of the upcoming season.

If you’re worried about Vallée’s departure, don’t be. Arnold is an Oscar-winning director, so we are certain the show is in good hands.

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15. Everyone was involved with developing the second season.

“Reese and Nicole were involved, and they felt that there was more life in the characters. Everybody approached it from a place of love and care [for] these characters and this property, and again, with a little dose of skepticism along the way,” said HBO exec Carter Ploys.

16. And finally, the second season won’t air until at least 2019.

According to HBO’s programming chief, it would be “impossible” to get in on the air any sooner.
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