They say adulthood comes with responsibilities. That doesn’t sound fun at all, now does it? While the majority of women stick to this kind of society ‘rule’ and try their best to be responsible, men, on the other hand, don’t take this into consideration. Come on, they’re not to blame. Having fun doesn’t have to stop the moment you enter adulthood. We are all aware of the things that children and men have in common, actually, they don’t differ much. Silliness, being annoying, bringing laughter – are only a few mutual things, men and children carry with them.

Often are the cases that men acting like kids is considered a proud tradition. They have their moments but that doesn’t leave them with not knowing how to be serious when they should. It’s just, being responsible all the time can be tiring and boring. All of us need to cut loose some time and behave like kids. And men don’t hold back on doing it anytime they get the chance to, they, in fact, are so enthusiastic when acting like kids.

1. Turning anything into a toy

Their creativity goes beyond anything. They have the skills to turn anything into a toy, anywhere, anytime.

2. You’re young only once, but you can be immature forever

The reason why so many couples out there get into fights. Not very fun.

3. Son and father being silly together

They look genuinely happy, it fills my heart full of love.

4. Sometimes they take things too far

The irony of this photo is priceless. The guy who took the picture got his leg amputated. Who thought his brother will show up in the hospital looking like a pirate! Sure thing, if that’s what makes them happy.

5. Blind Pilot? Hmm…

I wonder if that’s a pilot pretending to be a blind guy, or a blind guy pretending to be a pilot?

6. They’re never too old to watch cartoons

The flight got delayed so he took his time on joining a Pixar movie marathon with a group of 5-year-olds.

7. Blowing bubbles because why not?

One doesn’t simply stop blow bubbles when they’re kids.

8.His patience level though!

I would love to see a recreation of this picture when the little boy grows up. It would be priceless.

9. Wearing a onesie is always fun

This pops is adorable.

10. Father-in-law taking it too far

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

12. When your little kid is just an excuse to buy a kiddie pool

Getting rid of that summer hotness.

13. Anytime is a nap time, literally

Making yourself comfortable anywhere, is everything.

14. Just a father after the playpen

Did your kid get you there?


15. Just putting those shirt pockets into use

A Nutella snack pack is clearly important.


16. Say goodbye to the times when you thought your husband is a grown up

Playing in a card box is always fun, no matter the age.

17. Congratulations, you’re now an anime character

Awkward pause -The guitar in the background, sir!


Source: Providr