Really great designs don’t announce themselves. They fit right into our lives so seamlessly, if you never stopped to look around, you wouldn’t even know they were there.But good design is there, all around us. Creative types are always thinking about how we live our lives and are trying to make it all better. When they succeed, we should give them a round of applause, don’t you think?

1. Here’s a critical and interesting safety feature on trains in Japan.

In an emergency, the train’s benches can be pulled off and reassembled as an escape ramp for stranded passengers.
Reddit | burgerthrow1

2. Instead of placing a bucket anyone could kick underneath the water cooler to catch drips, this place put a plant there.

No chance of sloshing, and the plant gets watered. Win-win!
Reddit | OctopusPopsicle

3. The back of this tie’s packaging has some nice cross-promotion, showing a few different folds for pocket squares.

Reducing the excuses for gents to not be properly dapper, even as it suggests making another purchase. Crafty!
Reddit | The_PhantomGoth

4. At this hotel, instead of hanging a sign on the doorknob, you can press a “Do Not Disturb” button.

It will shut off housekeeping’s card access to your room so they can’t disturb you by mistake.

5. These street crossing lights show a couple holding hands rather than just a walking person.

You have to think this would guarantee more smiles on the streets — you’ve gotta love love!
Reddit | OddyOddworld

6. It’s not that uncommon to see shower faucets with thermometers on them anymore.

However, I’ve never seen a separate knob to control water pressure before. Would love to give it a test drive.

7. I love the idea of seeing smaller scale bathtubs before purchasing one.

Also, don’t you kind of want to take one of the smaller tubs home for your pet?
Reddit | Androgymoose

8. It doesn’t take much to prevent some awful confusion, and you can have some fun with it, too.

Because you really don’t want someone to wander into the wrong room thinking it’s a bathroom and be too embarrassed to find the actual bathroom.

9. Just a simple tweak, turning the bathroom door’s handle upside-down, makes for a much more sanitary experience for everyone.

Making things hands-free is always a good step to prevent the spread of germs.
Reddit | Rivman96

10. Don’t you want to high-five the person who thought to put “occupied” signs on these bathroom stalls?

Nobody wants to have to duck down to look for legs under the door.
Reddit | ShineAllDay

11. This transport truck’s roof would have just gone to waste before adding on some solar panels.

May as well make use of that real estate, right? Gotta love efficient use of space.
Reddit | propuls1on

12. This is just pure sweetness, right below the sweetener: a condiments station with small portions of Cheerios for babies.

Businesses take note, simple touches like that can win parents over for life.
Reddit | domukas

13. This shopping mall knows its customers and saves them the trouble of having to put their purchases on the bathroom floor.

There are little alcoves in the stalls where you can safely stash your bags. You just don’t want to forget they’re there!
Reddit | k35jones

14. I don’t know if full-length car umbrellas will ever catch on, but I can certainly see the appeal.

Not just on hot, sunny days, either — it would also keep the pigeons’ opinions off your paint job.
Reddit | fbgm_2

15. Just when you thought airplane windows were never going to get any more advanced, this plane shows off windows that can be tinted.

The dial just below adjusts the level of tint so you can find your sweet spot.
Reddit | Ermagrd27

16. Somebody designed a key that will show a smiley face when it’s in the right lock.

Just in case you have similar looking keys for a variety of different locks.
Reddit | Sushipandaa

17. This laptop has a gauge that shows how much charge the battery has left, even when it’s off.

So much more convenient than having to boot it up to find out if you need to plug it in.
Reddit | AL_O0

18. Recycling drink containers at fast food joints is a whole lot easier when there’s a place to pour out unwanted liquids.

Dumping a half-full soda cup into the recycling bin can actually contaminate otherwise perfectly good recyclables.
Reddit | aworden222

19. You have to love businesses that will put out water dishes for dogs on the street.

But the one that puts out a dog bowl for four different sizes of dogs is downright incredible.
Reddit | elangation

20. Old drum pedals power the faucets in this public bathroom.

Not only is it sanitary, keeping the experience as hands-free as possible, but it also looks kinda fun to wash your hands here.
Reddit | DRiVeL_

21. At this tourist attraction, safety is first, but they haven’t completely overlooked the view that brings people in.

They’ve cut a small hole in the safety fence where people can get a good pic without all that wire mesh messing it up.

22. It can be hard enough to tell shampoo from conditioner from body wash, even if you have perfect vision.

That’s why this company put Braille on the caps of their product.
Reddit | wearechemistry

23. A stately touch perfect for the classiest of bathrooms, this fully armored knight holds your T.P. like a chivalrous waiter.

Not the greatest invention, but it would still a welcome addition in my house.
Reddit | asdhanjal95

24. It’s not every bride who would want the groomsmen at her nuptials to wear boutonnieres made from comic book pages.

But you have to admit, they’re a different and colorful way to share love on a big day.
Reddit | ledmetallica