There’s something immensely satisfying about tying a few knots, weaving some string art, and creating something beautiful.It’s probably why making friendship bracelets took up half of my childhood.

If you’ve got an empty space on your wall or just want to try making something simple with your hands, check out this DIY hanging string décor — you won’t regret it!

This gorgeous design is super simple, and you just need two materials!

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  • Brass ring
  • String

To start off, cut yourself a long piece of string and double it over.

You’re going to want it long enough that it can stretch across your ring while doubled and have decorative hanging ends.
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Next, tie it to the top of your brass hoop with a lark’s head knot.

Basically, you’re just slipping the loop of the doubled string under the brass ring, pulling it over top, and then drawing your ends through. Pull it tight for a good finish.
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Grab just one of the ends from your string and use it to tie a forward knot on the opposite side of the ring.

As you can see below, you’ll twist the string around to form a loop and then pull it through.
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Pull your forward knot tight and do the same with your other end.

All together, your string should be making a doubled line across your hoop with long ends hanging off your forward knots at the bottom.
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Now we’re going to repeat all those steps for each string you want in your design.

We did it six times, crossing three strings over the other three at an angle for a cross pattern.
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Using another piece of string, tie a lark’s head knot to the top of your brass ring.

Tie off your ends and snip the remainder for a loop you can hang your design with.
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Now it’s time for those hanging strings at the bottom.

Cut the strings so they form a point and then unravel parts of the bottom for a frayed look. And that’s it!
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Hang the decoration on your wall for everyone to admire your efforts.

To see each step in detail, make sure you check out our full video tutorial at the top of the page!
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