Bram Stoker did a pretty darn good job promoting Transylvania. I’m sure you must have heard about Dracula! Although my post is not Dracula-related, I’m still going to quote him: “Once again…welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring.”

I’m a professional/multiple award-winning drone photographer from Transylvania, Romania, to be more precise from the “Land of Mansions”.

Covasna county is a truly epic destination with mesmerizing landscapes. I had a pretty difficult project in mind but finally made it happen. I would like to show you my favorite places in a unique way, photographed from above, combining two seasons from the same spot.

Let my pictures tell you my story!

… and I almost forgot. I’m also a premium artist on Zedge so you can use my pictures as your wallpaper!

More info: Instagram | dronemob.ro

#1 Two Seasons, Two Hounds 

Two Seasons, Two Hounds

#2 Fairy Forest 

Fairy Forest

#3 Seasons In A Box 

Seasons In A Box

#4 Wonder 


#5 Ekg Of The Seasons 

Ekg Of The Seasons

#6 The Hound 

The Hound

#7 “S”Easons