Welcome to the internet, the place where you can learn that even dogs are better artists than you are. Meet Hunter, a Shiba Inu who creates abstract paintings and already has thousands of people following him on social media.

This good boy lives in Alberta, Canada together with his human, Kenny Au and his wife, Denise Lo. “We had a blank space on our wall and we were looking for things to put up on it,” Au told HuffPost. “Because Hunter is such a calm, careful and responsive dog, my wife figured he’d be able to learn the brushing motions to create some kind of memento for us. We were really surprised by the results.”

“When he first learned it, he wanted to do it all the time,” said Au. “But we make sure we switch things up often so he doesn’t overdo himself or get bored. With painting, we’ve incorporated it into his daily routine and he seems to love having a job. It makes him calmer throughout the day.”

As Hunter continued to express his creative nature, the couple decided to start an Instagram pagefor him and eventually even an Etsy shop, where everyone can buy his masterpieces for $38 a pop.

Au and Lo say they will continue to have Hunter painting as long as he’s into it. If he ever gets bored of it, they’ll stop.

“He thinks of us more as his companions than his masters. So if he thinks we are treating him unfairly, he will let us know.”

Watch the videos below to see Hunter in action

People immediately fell in love with the adorable artist