Meet the most adorable dogs in the world; Kiko and Watson. Kiko is an adopted dog who unfortunately suffers from bad anxiety. Luckily, his amazing fur brother Watson is always there to soothe his nerves by giving him endless hugs. Watson is what helps keep Kiko stay calm and feel loved. These two golden retriever boys are now inseparable. Plus, they delight the Internet with their precious hugs and smiling faces on the Instagram page dedicated to their friendship.

And now, there is a new addition to the family – Harry the cat.

For more adorable pictures follow them on their Instagram account @wat.ki, as shared by Distractify.

Watching these best friends hugging it out, is the sweetest thing ever!

Watson knows exactly how to ease his adopted sibling’s anxieties.

It’s not a typical relationship but amazingly it works

This wonderful loving trio loves spending time together.

Cuddle time!

The perfect place to take a nap.

However, no relationship is purr-fect: