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We’ve compiled the best language learning strategies to help you learn any language faster.Yes, you still need to put in the work, leverage the right methods, and stay persistent to see lasting results, but learning from language experts that have already done it can significantly shorten the learning curve.

From personal experience, I know that the right blog post can make a big difference in achieving your goals, but it has to hit you at the right time.

This is why we collected the best language learnings strategies and blog posts that aim to answer different questions you may have, depending on which part of the learning journey you are in. If you’re not in the mood to read all of these right now, we recommend bookmarking this post and coming back to it at a later time.

Without further ado, here are the 7 best language learning strategies you should read now.

1. Which Language Should I Learn?

By Benny Lewis

It wouldn’t be a roundup of the best language learning strategies without kicking it off with Benny Lewis from Fluentin3months. With so many languages to discover, it can be hard to decide which language you should learn. If this is a question you’ve asked yourself, this is a perfect post to start with.

“Number of speakers or misleading career advantages are empty reasons for picking a language. You have to ask yourself why you really want to learn a language. Impressing people is a pathetic reason to choose to devote months of your time to something. While people think that being a polyglot may perhaps give you instant rockstar status, I can tell you that while it piques people’s curiosity at first, after 20 seconds you have to rely on your own personality if you want to make new friends, no matter what your achievements are.”

Read: Which Language Should I Learn?

2. How To Read Effectively In A Foreign Language

By Olly Richards

“Instead of using a mixture of micro-skills to help us understand a difficult text, we simply start at the beginning and try to understand every single word. You must accept that you won’t understand everything you read. It simply means you’re engaged in the language learning process, just like everybody else.”

Read: How to Read Effectively In A Foreign Language

3. How To Learn More Than One Language At A Time

By Luca Lampariello

“The modern world is obsessed with a “here-and-now” compulsion qui est PARTICULARLY harmful to language learning. If you decide to take on this “multi-language challenge,” here are some useful tips. 1) Choose a maximum of TWO languages at any given time. Three languages is excessive and will impair whatever language core you’re trying to build. 2) Choose two languages that are distinct from each other. 3) Try to choose an “easy” language and a relatively “difficult” one (I explain this concept both in English and Spanish on YouTube)”

Read: How to Learn More Than One Language At A Time

4. How To Learn (But Not Master) Any Language In 1 Hour

By Tim Ferriss

“Before you invest (or waste) hundreds and thousands of hours on a language, you should deconstruct it. Consider a new language like a new sport. There are certain physical prerequisites (height is an advantage in basketball), rules (a runner must touch the bases in baseball), and so on that determine if you can become proficient at all, and—if so—how long it will take.”

Read: How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language In 1 Hour

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5. How To Learn Any Language In Record Time (And Never Forget It)

By Gabriel Wyner

“To begin any language, I suggest starting with the most common, concrete words, as they’re going to be the most optimal use of your time. This is the 80/20 Rule in action; why learn niece in the beginning when you’re going to need mother eighty times more often?”

Read: How to Learn Any Language In Record Time and Never Forget It

6. The Science Of Learning A New Language

By Belle Beth Cooper

“If you’re busy, you might be tempted to put off your studying and cram in a big chunk of learning once every week or two. However, studying a little every day is actually more effective. Because your brain’s “inbox” has limited space and only sleep can clear it out, you’ll hit the limit of how much you can take in pretty quickly if you study for hours at a time.”

Read: The Science of Learning a New Language

7. How To Learn Any Language In 90 Days

By Rype

“Whatever goal you have in life – health, love, business – having a coach can not only guarantee you reach your goal, but it will accelerate your goal.
This is why the top-performers in any aspect of life, pay tens of thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars to have a dedicated coach that works with them. It makes sense because having a coach saves them years of struggle and has a direct return on accelerating their achievements.
Language learning is no different.”

Read: How to Learn Any Language In 90 Days

Your Next Steps

I hope these posts on the best language learning strategies help you, wherever you are in your language learning journey. Just remember, nothing happens unless you take action.

I’d love to know: have you experienced a time, where the right blog post made a big impact in your life?