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Before you send your kids back to school (or off to college!), make a school supplies list and check it twice. Whether you’re starting from scratch or sorting through supplies of year’s past, use these checklists, which are broken down by grade for quick reference, as a guide. If you really want a stress-free summer print out the list that fits your needs and bring it with you to the store. Or better yet, order everything — pensbackpacksmini fridges, and more — online and enjoy your final days of the season. Even if you want to get your shopping done early, check with your kid’s teachers for any last-minute adds. 

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School Shopping Lists

Elementary School: Grades 1-3 

School Shopping Lists

Elementary School: Grades 4-5 

School Shopping Lists

Middle School & High School 

School Shopping Lists


Academic Supplies

Dorm Furnishings

Dorm Supplies

School Shopping Lists

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